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A pulse (Latin "puls", from Ancient Greek "porridge") is an annual leguminous crop yielding from one to twelve seeds of variable size, shape, and color within a pod. Pulses are used for human consumption as well as animal feed. The term "pulse", as used by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), is reserved for crops harvested solely for the dry seed. India is the world's largest importer, producer and the largest consumer of pulses. Pakistan, Canada, Burma, Africa, Australia and the United States, are significant exporters and are India's most significant suppliers to fulfill the gap.

Yellow Gram:-

Yellow Gram is more commonly known as Chana when its outer hull has been split, this pulse is a mainstay of Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

We mainly provide Tanzanian yellow gram. Tanzania produces around 30,000 tons per annum, the main production areas being Mwanza and Shinyaga regions. HOPL procures yellow gram from Mwanza and Shinyanga region.

Pigeon Peas :-

Pigeon peas are more commonly known as arhar, red gram, toovar/toor, togari, kandi, gandul, guandul, congo pea, gungo pea, gunga pea, and no-eye pea. Its origins are said to be in Asia over 3000 years ago, from where it spread to East Africa. India, East Africa and Central America are the world's largest producers. In India this pulse is one of the most popular and nutritionally important. They contain high levels of protein.

Tanzania's main production areas are Arusha, Bariadi and Nachingwea regions. Tanzania's production stands at 60,000 tons. HOPL procures pigeon pease from Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania and Myanmar/Burma.

Green Mung :-

The mung bean is a native seed to India. Mung beans are most commonly used in China as well as in Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia. Generally, green mung can be eaten as whole or as bean sprouts. The starch of the mung bean is also used to make jellies and noodles.

Production and Exports begin in April and continue up to June. HOPL procures green mung from Australia, Tanzania, Mozambique and Myanmar.

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